Best Emergency Survival Gear

Even though emergency situations don’t arise every day, it is critical that you plan and cover all your critical needs. An emergency preparation kit allows you to be ready whenever a natural or human-made disaster strikes. Tornadoes or earthquakes could happen any time and knowing you can survive through it will give you peace of mind.

When there is an emergency situation, you’ll most likely be cut off from accessing medical assistance and communicating with authorities. Purchase the best emergency survival gear and kits, and appropriately respond to the crisis.

Benefits of Emergency Survival Gear

The main focus for anyone when an emergency situation hits is survival. We will assume for this article that you have an emergency kit or a long-term plan that can easily be rolled out.

When a particular situation hits, the last thing you want to be doing is wondering if you have enough supplies to make it through the worst of it. You want to KNOW that you are ready.

Some of the GEAR (individual pieces versus items that are in pre-packaged KITS) that I personally always keep on hand include the kind of stuff you might think about if you were out backpacking or camping since in both scenarios, you are pretty much on your own (unless your destination has beds, stoves, latrines, etc).

So, let’s make a kind of master list of some of the essentials. Before embarking on a remote job, hike, fishing trip, or camping trip, my husband likes to break things down into categories like “Shelter,” “Food” (which includes water and cooking gear)” “Sleeping,” “Clothing,” and “10 Essentials” (which includes stuff like toiletries, flashlights, batteries – etc – it could be 10 items or 10 sub-categories depending on the purpose of the trip).

Remember, this isn’t a vacation that you are planning for. You may need to grab your supplies in a hurry, so by the time you may get an evacuation order, it isn’t going to be time for you to begin browsing through your closets and cabinets.


  • Tent or other emergency shelter – many kits include “tube tents” which are a lightweight option that you can put up quickly. “Emergency” is the key word here, in that these are not created for long-term use, and are unlikely to last through severe weather for any length of time. These “tube tents” usually are like a tarp, and have a cord so that you can suspend it between 2 trees.


  • Freeze Dried Food – which we will cover in another article
  • Water & Purifying Gear
  • Camping Stove & Fuel
  • Cooking gear (pot/pan/utensils)


  • Sleeping Bag
  • “Space” blanket
  • “Bivvy” tent (tarp or tube tent could work)


  • Dry socks
  • Change of underwear
  • Long underwear/poly pro if you live in a cold climate or other wicking layer (to wick moisture away from your body)
  • Clothing that will protect you from the sun
  • Hat / Bandana
  • Keep some reflective tape that you can use on your outerwear if you don’t have clothes with reflective properties
  • Head net and/or other layer that has a way to keep insects away from you.
  • Sturdy footwear (something that you can depend on if you are in a cold or wet climate)
  • Waterproof boot covers

“10 Essentials” – or, better put, ESSENTIALS (because there are more than 10!):

  • Matches (make sure you have some waterproof/windproof ones) and Lighter
  • Toilet Paper
  • Shovel (this is multi-purpose, and also useful for if you need to cover human waste)
  • “Swiss” Army Knife – the original survival tool! Another good option is the more recent Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool.
  • Hatchet (the Ontario SP16 Spax Tool Survival Hatchet actually takes is several tools in one, including a shovel, hatchet, and pry bar)
  • Whistle (The SE – Whistle – 5-in-1 includes a compass, matches, a lighter, a signal mirror, and fire starter)
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste/floss, etc
  • Tarp/Shelter
  • Cord (parachute cord or “paracord” works well)
  • Plastic Bags (have a variety of sizes, and include “zippy lock” types)
  • Duct Tape
  • Lighting – Candles, Solar Lights (I LOVE the inflatable “Luci Lights”)
  • Sanitary pads/feminine supplies
  • First Aid Supplies (covered in greater depth in another article)
  • Any medications you might need, including some over the counter
  • Bug repellent

We’ll cover a few more fully equipped kits themselves on a page devoted to them, but here are a few to consider.

Emergency Survival Kits

1. Sustain Supply Co. Four-72 Emergency Survival Kit
The Sustain Supply Co. Four-72 Emergency has a thoughtfully curated option that can sustain your family through any emergency situation. This package has no glaring omissions or the inclusion of any superfluous items that are not critical for survival;
• Foods with a 30-year shelf life that tastes just as good when hydrated and cooked
• Sufficient amount of drinking water
• First aid supplies
• Fire starters
• Emergency blankets
• Sharp knife
• Source of light
• Camp Stove

2. Ready America 2-person 3-Day Emergency Kit

The Ready America 2-person 3-Day Emergency kit is a two person survival kit that packs all the necessities that can push you through three days. There is the inclusion of an emergency blanket that will keep you warm during a major storm. This kits supplies mainly focuses on;
• Hydration
• Nutrition
• Protection from elements

3. ER Emergency Ready Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit

You should consider purchasing the ER Emergency Ready Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit that packs its supplies in watertight buckets so that nothing gets damaged by the water. This survival gear packs survival gear that will be useful in a storm. Natural disasters are unpredictable and having the following supplies at hand allows you to survive;

• Work gloves
• Face masks
• Crowbar
• Utility Shutoff

4. Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug-Out Bag

Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug-Out Bag is suitable for an evacuation situation. This bag packs all the main supplies you’ll need because during an evacuation there is hardly time for packing supplies to bring along. This kit allows you to move out when your home is no longer safe, and the following supplies help you get through until you find a permanent solution;
• Food Rations
• Water
• A multi-tool pocketknife
• First aid materials
• Ponchos

5. Aootek Emergency Survival Kit

The Aootek Emergency is suitable for when an earthquake hits. This is the best emergency survival gear for anyone living alone in a small apartment because it is small and can easily fit in your glove compartment. The compact nature of this kit has enough supplies to make a dire situation manageable;
• A wire saw
• A locking knife
• Two different types of multi-tool
• A compass
• Fishing gear
• A flashlight

Final thoughts

Being cut off from outside help can be quite scary and daunting but being able to survive makes the situation better. Always have rations and supplies tucked away so that when you face a difficult situation, you can pull through.