How to deal with emergency situations the best way

There are many types of emergency situations that may pose as a threat not only to a person’s health but to their security or to their surroundings. You should be able to know when to be prepared for an emergency and what to do so you can handle them calmly and with speed, so that you can you don’t cause further panic to people around you.

Read on to find out the best way to handle emergency situations…

Call 911

The first thing you should do when faced with an emergency is to call 911. They’re the ones who know best how to handle these situations and having them on the other line can assure you of what procedures can be done. You should also always have emergency hotline numbers of important establishments such as poison control center, hospitals, etc.

Find the best escape route

Before an emergency strikes, it’s of great essence to know the exit points where you can speedily go to. This is specially important during earthquakes and fires.

Know how to do first aid and where to find emergency supplies

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is going through a medical emergency, it’s best to know how to use a first aid kit. Make sure that you already have one at hand. Most establishments have first aid kits within the vicinity and paramedics may not get to you on time or may take a while so knowing CPR is important. Take a course on first aid and CPR.

Be alert

Emergency isn’t the time to panic. Panicing can leadly to havoc. Calm yourself and the people around you. Don’t run and panic towards the emergency door. Walk fast and make sure that people are doing the same to get themselves out of the situation.

Help others

Once you’ve determined that you’re already in a safe position, try your best to help others. Other people may not be as prepared as you are and may not be ready to handle traumatic events.