Why Preparing for a Disaster is so Important

Every time there is news of the latest hurricane damage in my adopted state of Florida, I am reminded to check my batteries in my flashlights, count how many gallons of water I’ve stored, check my “Go Bag,” and scour the web for more intel on disaster preparedness.

Which is the entire reason I decided to make this site.

And with that, I welcome you to EmergencyAndDisasterSupplies.com.

Together, let us ensure that we are not only informed about being prepared, but also prepared. Period.

I know a few people who have ridden out storms by sheltering in place, ignoring the mandatory evacuation orders on the barrier island where I live in the winter.

In one case, my neighbor said he would have gone inland had the forecast been worse; however, they felt that the general consensus in the neighborhood was that the storm was not going to be that bad. Fortunately for them, it wasn’t – THAT time (although they STILL were without power for 2 days).

Another hurricane that came through sounded worse, and they DID evacuate for several days.

We discussed being prepared, and one of the things that I never thought of was that even when you evacuate, you STILL need to have a plan in place, along with specific supplies, because there is no guarantee that where you evacuate TO is going to have everything you need (including power, water, etc).
In other words, right now you may be thinking, “Ok, no problem. If there’s a hurricane coming, I’ll just head out early and get a room at the Hilton or Hampton Inn for a few days.”

Yeah… right! Good luck with that, because you and thousands of other people are having the same thought and the hotels only have a couple hundred rooms.

Topics On This Site

So, let’s talk about this whole potential part of our lives that we might not really want to talk about. Let’s call on the old Boy Scout motto for this article, and talk about why we need to “Be Prepared.” Then, in other parts of the site, we’ll break things down further.

The days where a nice Swiss Army Knife was the most essential part of an emergency kit are long gone. There is so much more available to us today, and I’ll be showing you some of them.

For example, while candles and a lighter are still something you should have in your kit, once the sun comes out, there’s nothing quite like the inflatable “solar lantern” like our beloved “Luci” – that you can see next to one of our candles in the picture.

So, we’ll cover the following topics that I’ve been researching, including:

  • Best Emergency Survival Gear and Survival Kits today
  • Best Freeze Dried Food (there are actually some really good ones out there these days!)
  • The Top 10 Supplies You MUST HAVE for Hurricane Preparedness
  • First Aid Kits
  • Emergency Radios
  • Auto Emergency Kits
  • Emergency Lighting and Heating (Yes, the “Luci” or similar light is part of it!)

Let’s get started.

Why You Should Be Prepared

“The fire department will just come rescue me if I have a problem.” Have you ever heard someone actually SAY that? I have. Seriously. Like the fire department isn’t going to have a zillion other things to be doing during a storm or other disaster than come and haul your sorry ass out of the very place they told you to leave to begin with.

Take a close look at this aerial photo that depicts a small part of a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Charley from 2004. If this image doesn’t convince you that you need to be prepared and not depend on the actions of others to help you during a storm or other disaster, then I doubt anything else will.

I’m sure you have seen photos of emergency crews who have had to use boats to help rescue people from their flooded homes. If you are able-bodied, and have the means by which to get out prior to a storm (and have the most important emergency and disaster supplies with you), you will be better off for it and the emergency crews can tend to those who truly were unable to prepare.

“I don’t need to store water. There’s a creek nearby.” Ok. I almost can see where that person might be coming from since I live in an area where natural sources of water are abundant. Here’s the problem with that logic. During a raging storm, that creek is going to become a dangerous place with potentially deadly currents, flooding, and other issues (trees coming down, etc). Also, the once crystal-looking water is going to be turpid and nasty. At least you should have a water filtration system in place if you INSIST on relying on the local stream.

The point is this: No matter what excuse you may have, you – all of us – need to be prepared for a disaster because life as you currently know it will be turned upside down in a matter of hours – or even minutes, depending on what situation you are facing.

You need to be prepared because during times of turmoil and trauma you cannot necessarily depend on your family and neighbor. Who knows? They may need to depend on YOU.

Recent natural disasters bring the point home.

There may times when you are left without power and/or running water for weeks at a time. Remember Hurricane Maria in September, 2017, and how it devastated Puerto Rico? As I write this, the territory still hasn’t recovered. Nor will they anytime soon.

By Roosevelt Skerrit from Vieille Case, Dominica – Morning after Hurricane Maria, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=67208115

In September 2018, an article at Phys.org noted that electricity on the island wasn’t restored until August of 2018, and that their economy wasn’t expected to stabilize for another five years. (Source: https://phys.org/news/2018-09-puerto-rico-recovered-hurricane-maria.html )

A tornado can wipe out an entire region in a matter of minutes. Today (October 11, 2018), I looked at pictures of the Florida Panhandle where Hurricane Michael just blew through, and my heart was broken for people who have lost everything they had.

No matter how prepared we think we may be during times of trouble, nothing can fully prepare us for coming back to an empty lot where our home once stood. However, if we take certain precautions, we can emerge from a disaster able to tend to our day to day needs while we face the aftermath and recovery.

The last thing you want to be worrying about when you pick through your belongings is whether or not you have potable water, shelter, food, and a way to prepare it.

And then, you don’t want to have to worry about where you are going to go to the toilet. My friends that I mentioned above who didn’t leave during a storm had a condo on an upper floor, and once the flooding started and the storm surge began to affect the area, there was no way to use a flush toilet. They had several “emergency toilets” – another thing we will discuss here.

You need to be prepared well ahead of an actual emergency situation because if you wait until the forecast says that a storm is expected, and the warning notifications begin activating your cell phone, it will be too late. The local supermarkets will long be out of water and canned goods.

Finally, you need to be prepared because sometimes you won’t have any warning at all. You may not have any warning that an earthquake is about to occur, or that wildfires will be chasing you from your home tomorrow.

Please explore the additional pages I’ve put together for you here at the site to help you plan ahead. Most of the items that we talk about are available on line through reputable and experienced companies, and they all have great reviews as well. NOW is the time to get them.

Thank you so much for visiting!

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