Emergency and disaster preparedness is a must

We never really know when a disaster or emergency will strike. It’s just something that happens when we least expect it.

It can happen while you’re in school, at work or even while you’re sleeping. Therefore, it’s an utmost importance to always be prepared whenever and wherever you are with the proper mindset and emergency supplies.

Being prepared saves lives!

Always stay safe everyone

What is an emergency response team?

AnĀ emergency response team, or what others also know as an incident response team, is an organization or team of individuals who are tasked to provide immediate response in the likelihood of emergencies such as disasters and other types of emergencies.

They are highly trained people with specific tasks and goals for different situations.

These teams are also on standby and are organized to aid anyone who may need their support and service.

In an event where people are highly likely to be in danger, it would be best to contact an emergency response team to provide the primary and basic support.

By having an emergency response crew within the vicinity, the possibility of an incident further spiraling out of control can be minimized greatly, and any risk can be prevented through their unified action and discourse.

How to deal with emergency situations the best way

There are many types of emergency situations that may pose as a threat not only to a person’s health but to their security or to their surroundings. You should be able to know when to be prepared for an emergency and what to do so you can handle them calmly and with speed, so that you can you don’t cause further panic to people around you.

Read on to find out the best way to handle emergency situations…

First aid kits: Why you need them

Having a first aid kid is an essential part of being prepared for any type of emergency. A first aid kit is important since it aids in treating small and minimal injuries. Having a first aid kit can also help in preventing possible infection or complication by not being able to treat the problem immediately.

So what are the reasons why people MUST have first aid kits at home?

Besides what was already mentioned, first aid kits aren’t only suitable for home use. They can also be brought anywhere you need to go. You can have one in your car as well so every time you travel you’re always ready. Driving by to the nearest hospital might not always be possible so it’s best to be able to treat cuts and bruises as soon as possible.

It’s best if you not only have these first aid kits, but also have the knowledge of how and when to utilize them.

Kits may have myriads of supplies contained within it and each of them have different purpose. Some of which are:

  • Alcohol and disinfectant – which can be used to clean and avoid further infection
  • Cotton – to help contain bleeding
  • Antibacterial creams or ointments – similar to alcohol or disinfectants, they can be used to prevent further infection and unlike alcohol can stay for a couple of hours at a time rather than immediately evaporating.
  • Eye drops – useful for emergencies involving the eye
  • Thermometer – used to check if there’s fever. A fever usually means a sign of infection.
  • Gauze and band aids – used to cover existing wounds to prevent bacteria and other microbes from entering the body.
  • Medicines – Antihistamines are highly important to bring specially if people are suffering from some sort of allergy. Being able to administer antihistamine upon contact of allergen can save a life. Paracetamol can be used to help temporarily aid in fevers and aches and pains.
  • Face mask – feeling like you have a flu or people around you have it? Face masks can prevent you from getting a flu or prevent people from contracting flu from you
  • Clean towels – The entire procedure of cleaning a wound can be messy so having clean towels is a must
  • First aid book – this can help you try to understand how to treat each emergency situation, specially if there’s no signal from your phone

Recommended books on emergency and disaster preparation and planning

If you want a thorough guide on how to deal with impending emergencies and disasters, here are some of the few books that I recommend.


You can buy these books from your preferred bookstore or online. It’s a great investment if you ask me.